Make your next career move with confidence! 


A well-written, polished resume is critical to your career success. 

In today’s competitive job market, a well-crafted resume can be the key to your dream job. In addition to impressing a human reader, your resume also needs to be Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly – the bots that screen your application before it reaches human eyes. I’m not kidding!

At My Job Mentor, we understand the science of resume writing to create standout resumes, finely tuned to your unique skills and background. We handle the entire process in-house, ensuring your resume is tailor-made for you. Explore our options to suit your career stage and budget, and unlock your full career potential with a professionally written resume.

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 Career Coaching

Take Control of Your Career with Professional Career Coaching and Support.   

Seeking a career change or feeling stuck in your current role? Connect with an experienced career coach for guidance. With 20+ years of experience and post-graduate qualifications in Career Development, I can help you set and reach your career goals. Offering tailored coaching sessions for various career stages for graduates through to seasoned professionals and executives. It’s also a great way to find out exactly why you aren’t getting traction with applications and have clear guidance on how to achieve success.

Develop a concrete action plan for job search, interviews, performance reviews, and even pay negotiations. Coaching fosters accountability, motivation, confidence, and a growth mindset. Ready to take your career to the next level?  Contact us today for a free 15-minute consultation and let’s start your journey to success!

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Outplacement Workshops & Seminars

I offer a range of engaging outplacement career development and job search training workshops for schools and organisations.  These can be off the shelf, or I can create a bespoke workshop to meet your needs. These career workshops range from half day, full day, 2 days up to 2 weeks and are tailored to the audience.  These can be conducted in your office or school, or another suitable venue.

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   Government Roles

Government + Council Applications

Applying for government and council jobs can be confusing, time consuming and quite daunting!  Each department or council differs as to what they require but I can help!

Writing statements of claims, cover letters and selection criteria responses for government and council jobs has been my specialty for many years now and I have found the sweet spot for success.

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Graduate Employment

It’s a distressing statistic, but 51 per cent of graduates cannot find graduate employment.  If you’re a graduate, or a parent of one who’s in this unfortunate position, that fact will no doubt disturb you.  Why the disconnect?

After completing their studies, graduates can find themselves in a situation where they are suitably qualified and enthusiastic but after multiple applications, they do not seem to be able to even secure an interview, let alone a job! How deflating after all that hard work.

The VERY good news is, I know how to help you!

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“I GOT THE JOB!!! I am SOOOO pleased and I can’t thank you enough for all your help!

Simone Mortimer ~ Nursing Graduate

Introducing Tara Sinclair

An award winning, degree qualified career specialist with a 20+ year background in career support, jobsearch training and career services, Tara brings a distinct savvy and incredible expertise to the business of finding a job or progressing your career. 

Tara is an award-winning, degree-qualified career specialist with over two decades of experience in career support, job search training, and career services.  Her wealth of knowledge and expertise adds a unique edge to the world of job hunting and career progression for her clients. 

Her versatile skillset extends across various aspects of career services, earning her national recognition for achieving exceptional client results.  Tara has been featured on career panels and appeared as a subject matter expert on ABC Radio.

In 2021, 2022, and 2023, Tara’s exceptional commitment to customer service was acknowledged with prestigious awards from LocalSearch. Her consistent recognition places her among the top 100 businesses nationwide, attributed to the highest number of 5-star customer reviews.  She is a trusted partner for several prominent Australian organisations and holds memberships with the Career Development Association of Australia and Career Direectors International.   

With an undergraduate in Education and a Graduate Certificate in Career Development, she equips her clients with the clarity and tools necessary for career success.  Prior to establishing her thriving career coaching business in 2007, she enjoyed a flourishing career in the corporate sector. 

Her remarkable talents for supporting clients to land their dream jobs earned her local and national awards, culminating in a national role where she collaborated with career consultants across 35 offices. 

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Based on 29 reviews
Anthony Vaughan
Anthony Vaughan
Tara at my job mentor is sensational at what she does, she has helped me on multiple occasions with job applications. she makes the process easy and really gets to know your strengths and can present them in the best possible format for your resume/cover letter. she understands the key words required in government applications and can use your previous experiences to create detailed examples of how you fit the role description. Tara has helped score me an interview every time and I am so thankful for her hard work. Tara has a 100% success rate with my interviews, I personally have gained 3/3 interviews and landed 2 jobs with the help of tara, all being in the marine industry and government based. cheers Anthony
Robyn Franklin
Robyn Franklin
Thank you Tara, for your your professional service that you provided for me. You spent a lot of valuable time coaching myself for interviews. Your support went above and beyond to help myself become more confident in my approach to interviews. The resume was well written genuine, and constructive, it was well worth having my resume revised. I couldn't recommend you Highly enough Tara, thank you once again for your exceptional brilliant service. Robyn Franklin
Lloyd Shambrook
Lloyd Shambrook
Wow. Highly recommend Tara at my job mentor. Took a outdated cv and produced a professional document that iooks great reads excellent and well worth the cost. Value for money packages that will earn you good money in the future. Help setting up job seeking apps and uploading documents. Over all a very pleasing experience for a bioke struggling with the digital nightmare the wofld is becoming .should have done this years ago. Thank you so mutch Tara.
Candy Mckennon
Candy Mckennon
My experience using Tara's services was impressive. I felt it was such a personalised journey and she took the time to listen and provide feedback. At a reasonable price she offered not only the work but also the guidance and training to allow me to complete applications. I had many positive comments about how professional my resume looked - definitely recommended!
Eleanor Stratford
Eleanor Stratford
Tara was simply amazing! I had a job application that closed in just a matter of days and she pulled it all together for me in no time at all! Very personable, warm, and understanding, Tara was easily contacted by phone and email throughout the process. My resume and application were brilliant. She then went on to help with interview preparation. And of course… I got the job!
David Potter
David Potter
Tara was great when I got to Australia I needed to update my resume and find some work .She made things very easy for me and made me up an excellent resume and sent me plenty of opportunities to find work.I am now back in New Zealand due to circumstances and she has had to update my resume again doing another excellent job once again.l would recommend Tara anytime if you are either looking for work or just want a resume done
neale mcasey
neale mcasey
Highly recommend Tara to do your resume and great advice made my career progression very easy and successful thanks again
Perri Hogan
Perri Hogan
I was referred to Tara by a friend and am so thankful for it!! I had been working in a remote location overseas for 5+ years and needed to completely overhaul my resume for a different industry. I felt completely lost applying for 'career roles' in the city and was so overwhelmed I couldn't even figure out where to start. From the first call Tara gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to get back into the job market. She took the time to understand my background and showed me the value of my experience, asked the right questions to find out what was important to me, explained the whole process of online HR/recruitment and not only created a strong professional resume and cover letter that felt like me, but showed me how to do this for myself - this was invaluable!! Adjusting my resume for specific roles is so simple now and I've been able to apply for positions I never would have considered going for in the past because I feel like my application is so strong. After that first call I felt so much relief. If you are thinking of working with Tara I would just do it - her ongoing support and genuine care for her clients is more than worthwhile, and you will learn skills for life - thank you Tara!
Baiden DEW
Baiden DEW
Tara was great to work with and provided excellent feedback on my cv and expression of interest submission. I will be definitely be using her services again.

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