February 2016

To get to the interview stage, they already believe you could do the job! The interview is your opportunity to sell yourself and your skills. Employers decide on an appropriate employee on a range of areas. These areas include: Skills, knowledge and abilities; Personality and whether you will “fit” into the team and with the culture of the organisation; Presentation; Attitude; Availability; References You need to sell the whole package rather than just having the skills to do the job.

Pre-Interview Checklist

  • Research the company
  • Research the job
  • Plan your transport
  • Have the exact address
  • Practice your answers
  • Plan what you are going to wear (2 days before)
  • Prepare an interview folder
  • Have a mock interview

Write a professional cover letter that gets the reader so interested, they immediately turn the page and read your resume! The jury is out on whether cover letters actually get read, but one thing you can count on is that if you don’t write one to submit with your application, you increase the odds of getting sent straight to the “no” pile for lack of preparation & appearing at best disinterested, and at worse rude! 1.Be genuinely excited and enthusiastic about the job and show this in your opening sentence! 2.Clearly outline your key relevant skills that match the requirements of the advertisement. Highlight every skill they have asked for