7 Reasons for Hiring a Mature Aged Job Seeker

1. Life experience & life skills – able to interact with others better

2. Maturity to get along with differing personalities

3. Strong work ethic

4. Balance young people in the team

5. Valued experience and skills

6. Better reflect their customer base

7. Tend to stay calm under pressure

8. Higher levels of motivation

9. Increased problem solving & decision making skills

10. Work schedule flexibility

11. Bring more experienced ‘mentors’ into your business.

12. Find people who have the will and the skill to work with you.

13. Reap cost savings due to improved retention, decreased absenteeism and lower attrition rates.

14. Mirror your customer base more effectively.

15. Enjoy the benefits of a diverse, flexible workforce.

16. Inject experience, knowledge and wisdom into your organisation.

17. Enhance workforce age diversity.

18. Increase overall business productivity.

Oops, there are a lot more than 7 reasons.  Perhaps you should hire a mature aged job seeker.