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Interview Skills and Preparation

Looking for the best Interview Skills Coaching you can get your hands on?

Whether you have been shortlisted for your dream job and want to put your best foot forward, or need to refresh your interview skills as it has been some time since you were interviewed, or are lacking confidence and mildly freaking out at the prospect of going to an interview, I can help!

We will work together so that you are well prepared, feeling confident and perform at your very best at your next interview.  As a qualified career development professional with 15+ years’ experience in coaching clients prior to interviews with great success.

Lets face it, you are likely to be shortlisted along with several other candidates who could also do the job, so by having professional interview skills coaching, you will have the edge over your competitors.  I will tailor the session to suit you and offer the winning formula for success.  By giving you tailored advice and arming you with golden tips and tricks, you will stand out and shine!

What we can cover in your session

  • Focus on where your weakness might be
  • Understand and learn the secrets to standing out (in a good way!)
  • Perform better at your next phone, video, face to face or panel interview
  • Know exactly how to confidently respond to interview questions
  • Strategies for making a positive & lasting first impression
  • Prepare intelligent questions to ask the interviewer
  • Understand behavioural questions e.g. “Tell me a time when….” using the CAR or SAO methodology
  • Having great examples to support your responses
  • Presentation and grooming – what works and what doesn’t
  • Feeling calm, confident and settling those nerves
  • What to say when they ask “Are there any more questions” that will impress
  • Anything else you wish to focus on or have identified could be a weakness

… if you have an interview, that’s fantastic – now let’s increase the chance that you will be offered the job!

Choose a theory or practical session, or for maximum success and confidence, choose both!

Interview skills – Theory $200+gst

The best interview skills coaching will provide you with key information and strategies to implement that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.  Feel confident in your job interview by calling on skills you have learned through My Job Mentor′s Interview Skills Coaching service. You′ve worked hard to get your foot in the door by submitting an engaging cover letter and resume, now you need to push that door wide open by nailing the interview and landing the position. This is your chance to show your potential new employer why you are the best candidate for the role. By participating in the My Job Mentor Interview Coaching service you will learn what to do from the moment you arrive at your job interview, right through to how to effectively follow up after the interview.

Interview skills – Practical $300+gst (includes theory above)

Knowing the theory of what makes a great interviewee will get you so far, but make this 100 times more powerful by practicing what you have learned in a controlled environment.  We will ‘interview’ you via phone, Zoom Meetings or Facetime, asking you relevant questions and then provide you with clear feedback on how you rated, what improvements you could make and what your strengths are.

The coaching session can be one full session covering all areas of the interview and focusing on what you require support with, or broken down into two parts – one outlining the theory and one that is a ‘mock interview’ with clear feedback on your performance provided to you.

Written material and resources will be sent to you as a follow up so you don’t forget the key points.  Each and every session is tailored to your needs, situation, industry and capabilities.  This is why our clients say that our coaching is the best interview skills coaching they have had!

“Hi Tara, I have a job. Yipppeeee! I passed my interview and I thank you for that. You provided the best interview skills coaching for me and my situation. You taught me to be myself at interviews instead of just trying to tell them what I can do. Just that one thing turned it around for me.  I was positive, confident and happy just being me. I’m pretty happy with myself. Thanks again, Deb” – Debbie C, Property Manager

“I would highly recommend Tara’s coaching.  Clients she works with definitely benefit from her assistance and they warm to her friendly and helpful approach” Katie T, Recruiter

“Many thanks for your assistance and help for interview coaching.  You gave me a good insight of what needs to be achieved and what I can achieve within myself.  Again thank you for your time, I really do sincerely appreicate it.”  Matt Ainscough – Transport

“I couldn’t recommend Tara’s services more highly.  I am now in a position whereby my professional experience and skills are backed up by an incredibly presented resume, a great online profile, and interview skills which I believe make me a stand out candidate to potential employers.  And it’s proven to have worked so far.  I wouldn’t be where I am now in my career if I hadn’t reached out to Tara at My Job Mentor.”  Benjamin Humphrey – Education


Our remote service has assisted clients with interview skills coaching in Rockhampton, Mackay, Whitsunday, Darwin, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Townsville, Bundaberg, Newcastle and the Gold Coast as well as London, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Find out how you can receive the best interview skills coaching for your next interview. 

Interview Skills Coaching Builds Confidence!

Interview Skills Coaching Builds Confidence!

Ace your next job interview!

Ace your next job interview!