How to Cold Call Companies to Get Yourself an Interview

Very often the job searching process is considered to be forthright task that requires only mechanical activities like checking the job offer websites and sending your resume. To expand your options and increase your chances, it is important to explore all possible alternatives. On your way to success, you may want to consider using not only the ordinary job searching methods, but also some not very common, but yet very effective and top-proven techniques.

Networking is key method when it comes to exchanging information and developing professional and social relationship with other people.  It is known that some of the most wanted job positions are not likely to be posted on the common job searching websites. Big percentage of the hiring is done by networking and referrals. The best way to access the hidden job market is by using one very popular sales technique: the cold calling method.

The cold calling method is widely used by successful salesmen to help them establish connection with future potential buyers. Consider your skills and expertise as a product that future employers would like to benefit from and you can understand the connection and why this sales method works when it comes to establishing personal connection in your job searching process.

“Consider your skills as a product that future employers would like to benefit from”

Cold calling helps you to increase the possibility to get yourself an interview only when it is done right. There are some tips that can help you to maximize your chances and that can lead you to more positive results.

Create a list of target companies that you would love to work for. You must have strong opinion why exactly you want to work there and how your skills match their needs. To maximize your chances for success, consider how this company can benefit from your expertise. As much as you fit the profile of the perfect potential employee, that much you can expect your cold call approach to have positive outcome.

Keep yourself informed about everything that is happening in the sector and in the company of your interest. Often check the company’s website and read their blog.  Use social media to follow the latest news, get connected with them on LinkedIn. Keeping up with the latest announcements, changes or up-coming projects, proves your interest and shows that you have done your research.

Once you focus on the right company, it is very important to target and the right person that you will get in touch with. Find the person that is in functional role and that will understand the benefit of your capabilities for the company or the specific project. Find out who is in charge of the certain division or project and try to connect directly with this person. It is not preferable to contact the HR department when you use this approach, because they have strict politics when it comes to hiring and rare take under consideration cold calls. Target the right contact, you don’t want to waste your time and the time of somebody else that actually cannot take any hiring decision.

Now you know who to contact and it is time to act. To begin with, write an e-mail with a strong and specific subject line that will catch the attention of the reader and more likely will make him open and actually read the rest. In the e-mail introduce yourself and present in short text your skills, expertise and highlight the benefits you can bring to the company. Focus on the value of your past accomplishments and how they can translate in one future position in the company.

Once you have sent the e-mail it is time to wait for response. Don’t discourage yourself if no one contacts you back.  Very important is to wait at least three days before to get to the next step – making the actual phone call.  Choose the right timing for that. It is recommendable to avoid calling on Mondays or Fridays, middle week days are better option. The hour of calling is also very important. Call in the beginning or the end of the work day, after 8 am or before 6 pm. The person that you are trying to contact is probably very busy and it is important to choose time in which is more likely to be available and willing to talk.

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time” Arnold H. Glasow

Before making the actual call, write yourself short script that you will follow.  Keep the first sentences short and get ready to give the right information in the beginning of the conversation. Once again, it is important to choose catchy phrases that will grab the person’s attention. Target the right goals of your call. Keep the conversation in the right direction.

The main purpose of the cold phone call is to get connected and to have the attention of the person, but is not your final goal. The main goal is to get invited for an interview. Ask just for 20 minutes and let them choose the time and the place to meet. Meeting in person is what you are aiming for. This will be the time to summarize everything you have written in your e-mail and you have said on the phone, by adding more essential information about the good impact that you can make in the company. Remember that you are making a proposal to bring benefits and future success for both of you. You are not simply asking for a job, you are proposing an offer that concerns your mutual interest.

Cold calling helps not only to find a job, but also to build a connection and network. As many people you contact that many people will have you in mind when some future possibility comes along in the company. Companies are always in search for good, professional employees and you can have great chance to be invited for an interview if you manage to prove that you are right candidate. It is very likely to be hired after a cold call even though there is no available position, it is possible even a new position to be created special for you.

Happy Cold Calling