Cover Letters

Yes! Every application must be supported by a covering letter. 

A good cover letter is essential these days.  Not only does it introduce you to your prospective employer, gives them a first impression of who you are and what you can do, but it also shows that you have the required skills, knowledge and experience for the job you have applied for.  A good cover letter will encourage managers to read your resume on the spot or file it away before moving on to another candidate.

It must grab the reader’s attention and keep them interested.

Don’t even think about submitting any application without a tailored, personalised and professional 1 page cover letter attached.  The jury is still out on whether they are read, but if you do not include one, you have much less chance of being shortlisted.  The time and effort is most definitely worthwhile!

We can help by converting an average cover letter into one that truly stands out. 

Our well-written, professional 1 page cover letters will get your resume on top of the pile. We write cover letters for graduates, career changers, professionals, tradespeople and school leavers. Note: This service is not a ‘2 page cover letter’ required by many government applications – those are essentially a key selection criteria up to 2000 words and POA. See Key Selection Criteria Services

$90+gst ea / 10 letters $700+gst or Existing Clients $50+gst / 10 letters $450+gst