Key Selection Criteria

Need help to apply for a government role by responding to key selection criteria?  No problem! 

Having a well-written and correctly structured application is key to standing out in a competitive field.  I specialise in writing tailored and individualised responses that are succinct, exactly aligned with the position you are applying for, and highlight your key strengths.  I have been writing key selection criteria for 15+ years so I have the formula down pat now and I am extremely proud that most clients are shortlisted for an interview.

Expertly written applications for: Federal Departments; State Government; Local Councils; Universities; Graduate Programs + Corporate Companies

I use the S.T.A.R. (situation, task, action, result/outcome) or C.A.R. (context, action result/outcome) methodology to prepare the selection criteria responses.  This ensures that I use really good examples from your experience to use that exactly align with the job requirements.  Your skills, knowledge and experience are showcased in a professional key selection criteria, written entirely just for you.  This highlights you as a standout applicant. Generally, I will write 350-500 words per criteria and I will meet the exact application requirements 100% of the time.

There are no guarantees of course, as sometimes these positions are filled internally, but I will write a quality key selection criteria that you will be proud to submit.  In the event that you are not shortlisted, you will own the open documents, so you may edit and re-use them for your future applications.

There are 3 options for service depending on how much you wish to be involved in the writing process, your time available, and your budget:

  1. I will write the statement of claims in full, based on our consultation + questionnaire based on our consultation to brainstorm specific examples to use + a detailed questionnaire created based on the role description. The fee is $50-$70 per criteria, or approx. $200+gst – $650+gst depending on the level of the role, number of criteria, and the application length.
  2. You may write the statement of claims or cover letter addressing the criteria yourself and I will polish and edit what you write ($80+gst/hr) which depending on the length will take 1-3 hours
  3. I will coach you on how to write the application + give you a framework / structure to use + brainstorm with you to choose your best examples + provide KSC writing resources ($150+gst)

Please send the link to the job/role description and your resume to and I will provide you with a firm quotation.

Client Testimonials

“Tara has been a Godsend for me when tackling selection criteria. I am 6 months into a position that I adore and credit my confidence and skills during the application and interview stages to her advice and guidance. Tara helped me get the job I have always wanted. Thanks Tara – you are a true job mentor.” Penny Kaletch, School Administrator

“I got the job with Qld Parks & Wildlife thanks to Tara.  I really didn’t realise how much was involved in the whole process of applying for a job, especially within government.  Thank you again for your expertise in helping me gain my career change.”  Jon Mills, Marine Professional

“I got my dream job thanks to Tara!  She highlighted my skills and qualifications to suit a Nursing Graduate application and I would recommend Tara not only to fellow nursing students, but to anyone applying for their ideal job. A very grateful and happy nursing student.”  Meagan Morris, Graduate Nurse

“I have been one of the lucky ones who was shortlisted for the Queensland Police Service.  Out of 93 applicants, I am one of seven selected for an interview thanks to my application.”  Gertie Aguilar, Senior Accountant

“My son Darby was offered BOTH jobs Tara wrote the selection criteria for – Queensland Health and Department of Youth Justice.  Now he doesn’t know which one to take!”  Jacquie Chapman for Darby

“I got the job using your key selection criteria, and now I have a promotion using the resume, thanks Tara!”  Chris Langridge, Qld Health

“OMG what a great job Tara did!  I got shortlisted for the Council position.  I couldn’t have done it without Tara’s genuine help and support.”  Sandy Hansen, Executive Assistant

“Tara is very talented at writing resumes and key selection criteria.  Some people have gifts in certain areas and Tara has a gift with writing.  PS I got the Government job thanks to her writing the application and at age 65!”  Lawrie Comben, Education Professional

“Out of 200 applicants, my son was shortlisted for the council traineeship position thanks to Tara writing the application.  We are so happy for him.”  Tracey Peacock, mother of Jordan

“I have been selected for an interview with the Department of Transport for the Transport Inspector job due to the work Tara did on my selection criteria.” A, Edwards, Automotive Technician

Key selection criteria