How to Stay Motivated Whilst Looking for a Job

Searching for a job can be very stressful and frustrating process, especially when it takes more time than expected and your budget gets tighter. In this highly competitive world and increasing number of job seekers, it is almost impossible to keep your spirits up and not to get desperate when it comes to finding a job. Facing disappointment and rejection, combined with all the stressful hours of waiting for reply, definitely affect one’s motivation, but not in a god way. Being stressed, worried and unhappy is not in your advantage, that’s why it is very important to control your reaction to this unpleasant situation. You may wonder how to do that when it comes to job seeking. There are ways and tricks to help you feel more motivated and in high spirit whilst looking for a job.

Try to create morning routine that will lift your spirit from the morning and help you to start your day with positive thoughts.  Don’t jump into the job advertisement website right after you wake up. Enjoy your breakfast, drink your coffee, may be even go for a run. Give yourself time to awake your body and mind before starting your daily job hunt.

Take care of yourself. Only because you are not going to the office every day, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to dress up or get new haircut. Jump out of your pajamas and get active. Participate in different sports activities. It is proven that sport sharpens not only the body, but also and the brain. Watch what you eat and maintain healthy diet. Poor food choices easily can lower your energy level and make you feel bad.

Set your daily goals. Create a job seeking pattern and reward yourself with small treats every time you reach your daily goal. Following a plan always helps to feel more accomplished in the end of the day. Feeling satisfied from your daily achievements is exactly what you need to stay motivated.

Try to improve. Everyday learn something new. The activity will keep you busy and away from bad thoughts, but also will help you upgrade your resume and enhance your skills. Use your creativity and focus on things that will help you improve and become more desirable candidate for the future employer.

Find somebody to talk to. The support of friends and family is very essential when it comes to job seeking. Explain to them how important their encouragement is to you and share your worries and concerns. It will make you feel better, knowing that there are people that support you.

Get connected. Networking is one of the best investments you can make during your job hunt. Communicate not only with potential employers, but also with other people that are searching for work. You will soon see that you are not the only one that is facing certain problems, which can easily motivate you to keep going. Share tips, ideas, even job opportunities with all these people. You can only benefit from it!

Bet on quality, not on quantity when it comes to your job search. Do not fool yourself by sending fast and inconsiderate applications. Applying for the wrong jobs is just waste of time and effort and can make you feel very disappointed when you don’t get a call for interview. To keep your motivation is important to reconsider your expectations. Aiming too high or too law, can be one of the biggest reasons why you are not getting hired.

Do not stick only with the known job search places. It can get boring and easily make you lose interest. Always look for other possibilities and places where to search for a job. The traditional websites may seem enough, but try to look further. You will be surprised how many people find jobs on social media, for example. Improve your social media presence. It is enjoyable, it is useful and it doesn’t get boring. Definitely a way to stay motivated and connected. Challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and be more confident.

Ask for feedback. Even though you didn’t get certain job, if possible, ask the hiring managers for feedback. Use all the information that they gave you to improve your job seeking behavior. Nobody likes to get rejected, but to be successful you need to learn how to make a bad situation to work in your advantage.

Give yourself at least one day off the job hunting. This day do not look at any advertisements, do not think or get stressed. Make it your day off, in which you will recharge, relax and have some worry free time.

Find materials that motivate and inspire you. Read biographies, books, even blogs, watch movies. Listen to powerful speeches. You will soon feel the great opportunity to learn by observing the lives of others. You will be surprised of the obstacles that many of the most successful people in the world have gone through and how many times they have been rejected.

Find a mentor and search for inspiration. Listen to this person, take his advices, learn from his mistakes. Having a mentor is very powerful motivational tool. This person can be a teacher of yours, your parent, even your old boss.

Avoid comparing yourself with other people. If someone that you know has found a job right after he had sent his first application and you have already sent so many and still no answer, do not get frustrated. You can try to see what did they do right, may be they have some tips and ideas that can help you too. Learn from them, do not get depressed over their success. Every opportunity comes at the right time for the right person.

Keep your attention on the positive things. Concentrate on how much you have learned during the process of job hunting, how many new skills you have obtained. There is always something good to look at, even in the worst situations.

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