At My Job Mentor, we have been delivering successful job search training workshops for jobseekers who are looking for the leading edge tips of the trade, all over Australia for the past 15 years. We can deliver any job search skills workshops from 1/2 day through to 6 week programs in your training room.

Personally, I think one of the best things about group workshops is the ability to share ideas and network with others in a similar situation. Our workshops are FUN, interactive and contain a ton of information! We provide full colour bound workbooks that are great for referring back to.

Some of the workshop titles we have run recently in schools, JobActive providers and in-house for staff facing retrenchment are:

Winning Resumes
Blitzing the Interview
Staying Cool, Calm & Collected
The Hidden Job Market
Teamwork – Sharing is Caring
Being a Dream Employee
Keeping the Job
Motivation Mojo
Your Jobsearch Plan for Success
Surfin’ the Web for Jobs
Job Search Training for Mums

There are 3 ways that you can attend one of our workshops:

1. Send us an expression of interest and your location and we can let you know when we are in the area next

2. Ask your allocated JobActive organisation to bring us in and deliver a program onsite (C3G Funded Programs)

3. Tell us what training and we’ll work with your organisation to deliver this

Read what others have to say after attending a workshop…with Workshop Testimonials

“After doing the course, I feel very positive & uplifted in finding work” ~ Melissa, Telemarketer

“The program was great & very informative, I learnt more about resumes and interview skills and the trainer was great” ~ Michael, Civil Construction Worker

“I found the course informative and very useful. It was more than just going over what I knew, it gave updated and more relevant information, as well as explaining it really well” ~ Sonya, Call Centre Operator

“This workshop is well worth doing, even when you already have good skills” ~ Cecelia, Administration Assistant

“I feel more confident and eager”   ~ Jeremy, Customer Service

“I came out of my shell and feel confident in what I do.  I will do more jobsearching with confidence” ~ Dana, Aged Care Worker

“I learned how to come out of my comfort zone and to ring employers for jobs not advertised” ~ Karen, Child Care Worker