7 Questions Not to Ask at An Interview

Be careful what interview questions you ask – you may think you are simply being friendly but then find you’ve breached anti-discrimination or EEO legislation.

Any interview questions that will reveal the applicant’s marital status, age, religion, gender, race or sexual orientation are illegal.

Here are some suggestions as to questions not to ask, but check your local statutory authority to be sure you are within the legal guidelines.

1. How old are you? That’s an obvious one, but what about anything else that dates them i.e. when did you graduate, how old are your children, what year did you finish school etc. – best to stay away from all dated related questions.

2. How long have you been working? (See above re age). You can ask “how much experience do you have in this industry?”

3. Do you have any children? Are you planning to have children?

4. Where were you born? But you can ask if they are legally able to work in this country

5. Are you married?

6. Who do you live with?

7. Have you been arrested? You may ask if they have a criminal record, but not if they have been charged or arrested.

For more information visit www.antidiscrimination.gov.au or call the Fair Work Infoline 13 13 94 www.fairwork.gov.au

NB: This article is intended to provide general information in summary form on legal issues about interview questions. The contents do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

Happy interviewing!