Graduate Employment

Graduate Employment Opportunities

Qualifications are important, but unfortunately they don’t teach you how to find graduate employment!

It’s a distressing statistic, but 51 per cent of graduates cannot find graduate employment.  If you’re a graduate, or the parent of a graduate who’s in this unfortunate position, that fact will no doubt disturb you.  However, despite what the media might lead you to believe, it isn’t because jobs aren’t there.  There are many, many jobs available for university leavers.  Why the disconnect?

Graduates find themselves in a situation where they are qualified, skilled, enthusiastic but after repeatedly applying for work, do not seem to be able to even secure an interview, let alone a job! How deflating after all that hard work.

Why is this?  Because like myself and many of my peers with university degrees, graduates have never been taught the most fundamental lesson of all – how to go about getting a job.

My mission is to fast track your entry into graduate employment by using my knowledge to help you apply and pass each stage of the application process.

I know that understanding the job market and knowing how to navigate the often complex HR processes can be difficult, especially if you do not have a sound understanding of the recruitment process.  I will simplify the process for you and give you the best expert advice, increasing your confidence and chance of success. I have assisted literally hundreds of graduates to succeed in today’s job market.  I can help you too!

Graduate Employment Career Coaching services:

  • Resume review and feedback recommending improvements
  • Information on how to apply for Government jobs using Key Selection Criteria
  • Advice on how to approach companies with an EOI (expression of interest application)
  • Professional resume, selection criteria and application letter writing
  • Answer any questions you have about your unique situation
  • Interview skills and techniques that get you shortlisted
  • Creating a job search action plan for success
  • How to network effectively in your industry
  • How to access the ‘Hidden Job Market’ (where up to 80% of the jobs are!)
  • Social media tips and traps to avoid
  • Using LinkedIn to get head-hunted
  • How to find suitable volunteering or bridging positions
  • FAQ on all aspects of the job search process to succeed

I genuinely want to see ambitious graduates like you secure jobs in Australia and overseas.  I have seen too many graduates get despondent, lose confidence and stay in their dead end part time jobs, when most of the time this could have been completely avoided.  Most education career services focus on providing career counselling. A role to introduce various career paths based on skills, and abilities presented to them by students. They offer an essential level of support in the form of career information, reviewing CVs and perhaps running through a mock-interview, but that is all they can provide. Often this information is very outdated which is worse than not knowing how to correctly apply for jobs.

In contrast, a career coach walks graduates through transitions. Whether pursuing work post-graduation or changing jobs, career coaches provide the added element of one-to-one mentorship to the career counselling experience. Like any good coach, a career coach focuses on developing actionable steps to improve individual performance at every stage of the selection process.


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“If I had met Tara sooner, I may not have spent months fruitlessly getting nowhere, losing confidence and thinking my degree was worthless.” Alex  – Paramedic Graduate

“I was offered a graduate nurse position at my preferred hospital after using my new cover letter and resume a few months ago. Since then, I was invited apply for a position in an Intensive Care Unit. These positions are very rare for new graduate nurses. I applied for the position thinking that I didn’t have much of shot. Imagine my surprise when they offered me the job. I was so excited I swear I stopped breathing for a second. My career seems to be taking off without me even having finished my degree thanks to Tara and her graduate employment service! I can’t believe how many opportunities are coming my way.” Sherri Marshman – Graduate Nurse

“As a recent graduate I found my resume to be short and lacking what I thought was relevant experience and attributes. After having limited success with the university career services I decided to take a more direct approach. Right from the get-go Tara was very approachable and her service has been nothing short of excellent. After one phone consultation the draft resume she provided was exceptional, I was in disbelief. I had been vaguely aware that I had all of these skills in attributes but had never been able to articulate them as clearly as this. On top of that, Tara has provided invaluable advice and approaches to applying for jobs. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone – especially graduates fresh out of university looking for that first job. Thank you, I still can’t believe that this is my resume.”  Brent Vidler, Graduate Engineer


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