7 Ways to Look for a Job Without Applying Online

There are so many places that you can look for a job:

1.Networking: speak to everyone you know & make sure they know you are looking for work. No room for pride here – let others help you in the same way that you would help them out if they needed it! Have business cards (as a jobseeker) and hand them out to EVERYONE you meet! Make coffee dates with ex colleagues, relatives, friends, anyone who might be able to keep their eyes & ears open.

2.Social media: use it to your advantage. Set up a unique email address , a dedicated Instagram, twitter or Pinterest, or whatever you are familiar with. Use Facebook to promote that you are looking for a job – put it on your newsfeed regularly & ask your friends to share it for you. Join jobsearch support forums, recruitment agency Facebook pages or groups & get amongst it. Having a dedicated LinkedIn profile is mandatory these days (keep an eye out for my info sheet on making the most of LinkedIn for jobsearching coming soon!)

3.Doorknocking: tried and tested for maximum results (and maximum effort). You can’t beat getting out and meeting with industry and employers onsite & directly asking how they do their recruitment, when they hire etc. (no need to ask directly for a job, but you can gain a lot of information & establish relationships by popping in to see them).

4.Voluntary work: great way to meet potential employers or contacts as well as having a purpose each week and mixing with others and maybe even learning new skills, or using your existing skills.

5.Information interviewing: calling up employers and organisations to see if you could meet with them briefly to ask them some questions about their job, how they got there & if they could check over your resume to see if you have what it takes to work in that area.

6.Advertise yourself: not necessarily by standing out on the road with a sandwich board on you (although that does work – especially if the media pick it up!). But advertise yourself in your children’s school newsletter or in your sporting club newsletter or church newsletter – anywhere that sends one out regularly to a large number of people. You can keep your name & details private & simply state “see office for details”

7.Contact your referees: they are often in the know about the industry, and any jobs that may be coming up. Ask them if they have any work, even casually or temporary contract. Get them to check over your resume and give you feedback. Ask them for a short written reference to be emailed to you.

These strategies will help you to look for a job.  Happy Job Searching!